Robin Hood Airport

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Robin Hood Airport

"The CCTV System coupled with CEM's impressive access control system, equips Robin Hood Airport with one of the most comprehensive integrated security systems available at any airport,"
Stephen McCay, Sales & Technical Director, AIS.

Robin Hood Airport is the UK's newest purpose built international airport. Representing a £80 million development, the airport is built on the site of the former RAF Finningley airbase and is reported to be the first full service international airport to be built in Britain in the past 30 years. Boasting one of the UK's longest runways, commercial flights commenced April 05.

Airport operators, Peel Airports Group sought to find a high quality and fully integrated security management solution.

The solution
To protect the two million passengers projected to pass through Robin Hood Airport each year CEM was approached to supply its aviation leading AC2000 AE (Airport Edition) access control system and its Passenger Reconciliation system, with CEM approved reseller Advance Integrated Systems (AIS) appointed security installers for the project. AC2000 AE is installed at over 80% of the UK's airports and has a proven record as one of the most reliable and resilient airport security solutions available. In addition to installing the CEM access control system, AIS also provided digital voice alarm, induction loop systems and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems as well as an extensive CCTV system which seamlessly integrated with the AC2000 AE system.

Systems integration...
As AIS Sales and Technical Director Stephen McCay commented, "The CCTV system coupled with CEM's impressive access control system, equipped Robin Hood Airport with one of the most modern and comprehensive integrated security and safety systems available at any airport."

Using AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) workstations over 140 Bosch CCTV cameras are fully integrated with the AC2000 AE system, with security staff able to access cameras and all devices that exist using a real time graphical user interface. The cameras are shared transparently with the South Yorkshire Police and cover indoor terminal and airside surveillance as well as outdoor surveillance of the apron, goods yards and the car parks - which have recently been awarded ParkMark Car Park Status.

Utilising the AC2000 AED application airport security staff can view devices and alarms via graphical maps of the airport site. In the event of an alarm, areas are highlighted red and blinking with operators then able to zoom into different layers of the maps, quickly identifying which card reader the alarm corresponds to. In the case of a violation security staff are instantly alerted with the access control system instructing the CCTV system to display images from the nearest camera to a control room spot monitor.

IP connectivity...
IP based security was a lead factor in the design of the security management solution. In addition to IP based recording and the network connectivity of the cameras, the airport was also provided with advanced IP access control using the CEM intelligent Ethernet based card reader – EtherProx™. EtherProx readers are installed throughout the airport site including the terminal, remote buildings, the fire station, ATC Tower and gate, administration buildings and outbuildings such as Control Point 1.

For other external areas where cabling cannot be placed, such as Control Point 2, the airport is using CEM S3010 handheld portable readers to manage access. IP based security offers Peel Airports the ability to easily expand the systems when Robin Hood Airport continues on its next phase of development, commencing with long haul flights in May 06.

Passenger segregation...
Using the CEM Passenger Reconciliation System airport personnel capture, display and verify the identity of passengers prior to boarding aircraft. As well as ensuring that the person that checked in is the same person that boards the plane, the system allows for passenger segregation within mixed arrival/departure lounges.

Special airport specific door modes are available on the EtherProx reader such as passenger mode and lobby mode to enable the free flow of passengers through boarding and landing gates without compromising security and the creation of security airlocks across the RZ line. These reader modes coupled with the CCTV integration allows real time tracking of all people entering/ exiting the airport site.

Using CEM's AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging and Pass Production System) airport security can also capture images and personnel data for the creation of bespoke ID cards, colour coded to DfT requirements to assist visual verification of a persons right to be in any given area.

Airport security landmark...
The Robin Hood Airport project is a landmark in airport security systems integration, representing a breakthrough in joined up working and intelligence led security and exceeding the recommendations of the Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned Wheeler Report on integrated aviation security (02).

"The CCTV system coupled with CEM's impressive access control system, equips Robin Hood Airport with one of the most modern and comprehensive integrated security and safety systems available at any airport."

Stephen McCay
Sales & Technical Director, AIS

Case Summary


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