Special Applications

  • Integrated Alarm Management
  • Video Management System
  • Video Analytics
  • Passenger Segregation
  • Check-in Desk Enabling Saves energy by swithcing the check-in desk power off after second swipe by the cardholder. First swipe validates user and turns power on, 2nd swipe disables power and provides airport with information on usage
  • Air-bridge Monitoring
  • Biometrics
  • Portable Card Readers
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Car Park Monitoring
  • High Power PoE+ Devices POE uses existing infrastructure to power POE devices, saving the use of many field power supplies
  • Guard Tours - Airport Patrolling
  • Aviation Specific Door Modes
  • Visitor Systems
  • IP Device Support
  • ID Card Billing Interface
  • Car Pooling In airports in the UK, staff are encouraged to carpool. Driver and passengers swipe their cards, system checks validity of cards and passengers are given "credits" to their green targets for not using their car

As part of Tyco's mission:
"Protecting people, property and the environment", we've identified all of our applications, products and features which contribute to a better environment and are continually striving to identify new ones. This "green" initiative is fundamental to Tyco, our customers, our partners and our employees. Our blue planet is very dependant on the "Green" initiatives taken by all.

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