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Harland and Wolff

Harland and Wolff is a heavy engineering company to the maritime, offshore oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Harland and Wolff is one of Europe’s largest heavy engineering facilities. Purposely developed to create some of the world’s largest ocean going vessels, the world class facilities can handle the largest of structures in a safe, productive and cost effective environment.

The CEM AC2000 access control system, and range of access control readers and terminals, provides Harland and Wolff with first class security that is both comprehensive and flexible to meet their unique security demands. The solution provided by CEM secures the vast site, helps ensure the safety of all employees and visitors and improves business efficiency.

As a large scale and potentially hazardous environment, with large numbers of people, the Harland and Wolff site presents a unique range of security challenges. Environmental Health and Safety Management is a vital part of Harland and Wolff’s business, so selecting the right security management solution was of paramount importance.

Controlling and keeping track of persons on board a significant engineering project was the initial key driver for Harland and Wolff to engage with CEM Systems. With the potential for up to 1,200 people to be on the rig at any one time, in a potentially hazardous environment, Harland and Wolff needed a real time, scalable solution to know who was on board.


CEM worked with Harland and Wolff on the initial project to track people on a rig for Health and Safety purposes. This was a large project which was extremely condensed, with large numbers of concurrent activities and personnel required to carry out the work on the rig. The key challenge was to oordinate and control the activities and personnel and manage this in emergency situations.

CEM Systems’ AC2000 access control software with key modules including Mustering and Zone Monitor, combined with S610 readers in turnstiles and S3040 portable readers for the dry dock, provided a solution that could not be circumvented and ensured accurate person count data in case of an emergency.

The AC2000 solution was extremely effective for Harland and Wolff, bringing the time for mustering from an evacuation drill down from 45 minutes to 9 minutes.

Following the success of this project, Harland and Wolff implemented a comprehensive AC2000 security management system and a range of innovative access control readers across their site.

AC2000 Security Management System
AC2000 is a powerful and reliable access control and security management system. It is continually developed to meet the most complex security needs, providing a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance. Harland and Wolff use a range of AC2000 applications including Zone Monitor and Mustering, allowing the real time monitoring of card holder movements and also counts people in an area, a feature that is aluable in emergency situations. AC2000 Time and Attendance also allows Harland and Wolff to monitor and record employee attendance.

AC2000 Security Hub
Harland and Wolff avails of AC2000 Security Hub for alarm and CCTV event management. Security Hub is the centralized to command and control application for AC2000. It seamlessly blends IP security surveillance systems and alarm processing into a single, simple and intuitive user interface. Harland and Wolff use AC2000 Security Hub for alarm and CCTV event management.

Security Opperation Center - image

emerald, intelligent access terminal
emerald, intelligent access terminals, are installed at the Harland and Wolff reception building. Featuring a touch screen reader and controller in one, and built in Voice over IP (VoIP) intercom functionality, emerald removes the need for an additional intercom system. emerald uniquely enables data normally only available on the AC2000 access control client PC to be accessed locally and securely at the door through its range of Remote Applications. emerald displays real time security information and statistics such as card status, scheduled visitors, top system alarms and most recent alarms on the terminal.

emerald’s LCD touch screen enables Harland and Wolff to improve corporate branding on entry points to the building where they are regularly working with high value clients. The built in audio intercom also allows visitor communication with the reception desk and remote door opening.

emerald image

Biometric security
High security areas, including the Harland and Wolff server room and equipment warehouse, are secured with emerald TS300f fingerprint readers, requiring biometric verification for the entry of select authorized staff. The emerald TS300f Intelligent Fingerprint Terminal from CEM Systems is the industry’s most multifunctional touch screen access terminal with biometric verification. emerald TS300f not only provides more intelligence at the door with remote applications but now ensures more security where an additional level of biometric verification is required.

In the equipment warehouse, emerald’s Checklist Entry feature allows Harland and Wolff to prompt staff on exit to sign the register if they are removing any tools or equipment. This provides Harland and Wolff with a full with details of entry to their warehouse, and helps prevent the loss of valuable equipment and tools.

TS300f image

CEM card readers
S610 readers are deployed throughout the main Harland and Wolff building, providing card and PIN access to key areas. The S3040 portable reader is used at dry dock areas, and areas where a fixed reader is not possible, to enable people counting and mustering in emergency situations. The portable reader enables security personnel to perform ID card validation at remote areas and points that need additional security but have no power. They can also be used for random security checks throughout the site if required.

Harland & Wolff - Welding

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