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A trusted global leader, Tyco Security Products has developed its cybersecurity expertise after many years of providing critical solutions for the United States government and large multinational customers, and holds several industry firsts, including FISMA-ready access control and video solutions.


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Security Advisories

A fast response to new vulnerabilities is vital to a secure environment. Tyco constantly monitors a wide range of sources to identify new vulnerabilities. After a vulnerability is announced, our Cyber Response Team generates a security notification, typically within 24 hours, advising which products, if any, might be vulnerable along with mitigation steps. If it's a critical security vulnerability, the team develops, tests and releases patches to resolve issues.

Our Six-Part Approach

Our approach to Cyber Protection for Physical Security Products looks far beyond components and devices. Security scrutiny begins with initial product concept and requirements, continues through analysis of system design and programming, then through to final testing, integration and evaluation. For details on all six parts of the program, please download the program guide.

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Secure Product Development Practices
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Inclusive Protection of Components and Systems
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Configuration Guidelines for Compliance
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Testing Procedures
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Rapid Response to Vulnerabilities
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Education and Advocacy
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How to Report a Security Vulnerability

To better protect our customers and honor the trust they put in us, we are firm believers in responsible coordinated disclosure. Security Researchers, consultants and others who believe they may have found a potential security vulnerability in a Security Product should make immediate notice to our Cyber Protection Team through email to TSPCyberProtection@tycoint.com.

Security Researchers, consultants and others who believe they may have found a potential security vulnerability in a Building Product should go follow the link to our Building Products Vulnerability Reporting page and make immediate notice to our Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).

Those working directly on behalf of a Security Products customer should also notify their local Security Products representative. Thank you for your partnership with us in creating a smarter, safer more sustainable world.

Products included in the Cyber Protection Program are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of Tyco Security Products.
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