Case Study

Greenville Hospital System

Software House teams up with Tech Systems, Inc. to deliver a robust access control solution for Greenville Hospital System and their new, four-year medical school.

Greenville Hospital System (GHS) first opened their doors back in January of 1912. This year holds special significance, marking their 100th year anniversary. GHS works passionately to transform healthcare for the benefit of the people and communities they serve. Their total health philosophy and vision includes providing a safe and secure environment for everyone who comes through their doors.

Since GHS had grown exponentially from one hospital to five standalone hospitals and had disparate access control systems running in each facility. It was beginning to become an IT, and security, nightmare to maintain control across all of their facilities. They required a scalable, feature-rich security system to expand with their needs. Having grown from one to five standalone hospitals, over 75 offsite facilities and their recently opened four-year medical school, security was their upmost concern.

Software House and Tech Systems were able to bring their products and expertise to a new level. With heightened security being a critical part of their hospitals and school, Software House was able to evolve its applications to bring GHS a proper solution.

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Case Summary

  • Location:
  • Greenville, SC
  • System Installed:
  • Software House
  • C•CURE System

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