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Kiwanis Village Lodge

This Vancouver Island-based seniors’ facility migrates to IP access control in one week with installation of Kantech’s
KT-1 Ethernet-ready One Door Controllers and EntraPass Security Software.

Kiwanis Village Lodge replaced all 17 of its legacy door controllers with IP-based door controllers that use the hardware and infrastructure already in place in the facility, allowing the lodge to also deploy a highly scalable access management platform.

Vancouver Island in British Columbia is known for its mountains and lakes, natural beauty, its artist community and local indigenous populations. Located off Canada’s Pacific Coast, it is a popular destination for surfers, hikers and bikers and was named the #1 Island in the Continental US & Canada by Travel + Leisure Magazine with its 2015 World's Best Award.

Vancouver Island Healthcare Authority provides health care and support services to more than 765,000 people in the region, including Vancouver Island and Kiwanis Village, a six-acre campus catering to seniors requiring various levels of support and accommodation, offering independent living, supportive living, assisted living and complex care to its residents. Kiwanis Village Lodge is a fourstory complex care facility within Kiwanis Village that provides 24-hour nursing care to up to 75 residents.

Kiwanis Village Lodge
Kiwanis Village Lodge uses Kantech’s KT-1 door controllers to secure its 17 doors and EntraPass security software to manage the security of the facility.

For several years, Kiwanis Lodge used an integrated fire, intrusion and access control system to secure the facility, including magnetic locks, card readers and door controllers, along with a nurse call system and video surveillance. But in early 2016, Shawn Simmons, Manager of Support Services for Kiwanis Lodge, hit a road block when one of the door controllers stopped functioning.

“When I contacted the manufacturer, I discovered that the controllers in the lodge were no longer serviceable and that the software running our access control system was no longer supported by the manufacturer,” said Simmons. The lodge sought assistance from systems integrator Securco Services, Inc., who had previously serviced the lodge’s fire system and who was familiar with the lodge’s fire and security systems.

Kiwanis Village Lodge parking enterance
Quick installation and the capability to integrate with the lodge’s existing access control hardware were both required for the project.

With Securco’s help, Kiwanis Lodge planned to replace the non-functioning door controllers and to migrate the entire facility to an IP-based access control system. This included the lodge’s main doors, stairwells, resident doors, entries to the visitor and staff parking lots and the lodge’s shipping and receiving area. The lodge hoped to use the existing components and wiring in the building to reduce hardware costs and also sought an access control software system that would make it easy to grant and revoke access to specific areas, while also being user-friendly.

One of the challenges of the Kiwanis Village Lodge project was its timeline. In addition to the non-functioning door controller, the legacy system had stopped taking commands and, at times, was unlocking doors when they were supposed to be locked. Intruders also had tried to enter the building during the night, which was a concern for the community. Some of the residents at Kiwanis Village have cognitive disabilities, which made securing the facility extremely important and required little to no downtime during the transition to the IP access control system.

“It was extremely important that the transition to the new access control management system be virtually seamless,” said Ian Burvill, Director of Securco Services, Inc. “We also needed the installation timeline itself to be as short as possible, because we wanted to minimize the disruption to the residents’ everyday activities.”

Kiwanis Village Lodge sought an access control management system that is intuitive and that could be used by multiple staff members to assign and revoke access to specific doors as needed. Staff members were concerned about the security of the lodge’s main entry in particular, which prior to the migration could only be opened and closed using an adjacent keypad. They wanted a user interface that would let them control access to the front door with the touch of a button from a workstation.

With integration partner Securco, Kiwanis Village Lodge chose Kantech’s KT-1 Ethernet-ready one door controllers to replace all 17 of its legacy door controllers. The lodge’s KT-1 door controllers feature quick and easy installation, which was vital for the lodge in keeping downtime and installation time at a minimum.

“Kantech’s KT-1 door controllers were perfect for the lodge because we could use the hardware and infrastructure already in place in the building," said Burvill. “We simply replaced the old controllers with
KT-1s and used the components of the legacy system, such as card readers, card reader racks and contacts, for everything else.”

Using an existing IP connection and the KT-1 controllers’ unique single button enrollment, Securco’s integration team had each controller up and running in a matter of minutes.

Kantech - KT-1 access control door controller
Use of the facility’s legacy system with the new KT-1 one door controllers enabled system integrators to complete the the installation in less than one week.

For Kiwanis Village Lodge, this was great news because it made the project budget-friendly and helped reduce the installation time. The
KT-1 door controllers also feature LED status indicators for easy maintenance and trouble shooting, and highly secure 128-bit AES encryption, both of which were key features for the lodge.

To manage its access control system, Kiwanis Village Lodge chose Kantech EntraPass Corporate Edition Security Software. With EntraPass, the lodge's scheduling department, human resources department and service managers can use EntraPass to grant and revoke access to the doors from their workstations, including access to the facility’s main entrance. Staff members viewing the system can also access a live display of doors to monitor the doors’ functionality and get status updates.

“The scalability of the EntraPass software gives the lodge the flexibility to extend the reach of EntraPass to include other buildings in Kiwanis Village in the future, as their needs evolve over time,” said Greg Harman, Regional Sales Manager, Central and Western Canada for Kantech. “EntraPass is also an extremely intuitive tool that is easy for both security and non-security personnel to use.”

Access Control interface
Shawn Simmons, Kiwanis Lodge’s Manager of Support Services,
uses Kantech EntraPass security software to get updates on the functionality of the facility’s access points.

EntraPass can control hundreds of thousands of doors, and supports up to 20 workstations and up to 50 concurrent logins of EntraPass Web and/or EntraPass Go mobile app.

The Future
Kiwanis Village Lodge transitioned from an analog access control system to an IP-based access control system in less than a week with little to no downtown and minimal disruption to residents’ everyday lives. Simmons reports that staff, visitors and residents feel the facility is safer and more secure than ever. .

“One of our residents with a cognitive disability can now go outside the building on his own and we can easily monitor when he leaves and re-enters the building,” said Simmons. “The new Kantech access control system made that possible.”

The lodge’s staff members say that the new Kantech access control system is simple to program and use. According to Simmons and Burvill, Kiwanis Village’s next phase of the project may be to install Kantech KT-400 door controllers in one of the village’s other buildings. The village is considering using EntraPass to manage all campus doors and access points, due to the community’s satisfaction with the Kiwanis Lodge project.

The Customer – Kiwanis Village Lodge
Kiwanis Lodge is a four-story, 75-unit complex care building which is part of Kiwanis Village Nanamio, a welcoming six-acre campus of care on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Providing a range of housing and care options, and offering independent living, supportive living, assisted living and complex care, the unique setting of Kiwanis Village allows seniors to age in place.

The Systems Integrator – Securco Services, Inc.
Securco Services, Inc. is a leading supplier of technical services to government, industry and the residential market, including 24-hour alarm monitoring for fire, medical alarms, man-down systems, passenger elevators, commercial process alarms and more. With more than 30 years of experience, Securco has developed a reputation for innovation and technical excellence.

The Solutions Provider – Tyco Security Products
Tyco Security Products is now part of Johnson Controls, a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. With its world-leading premium access control, video, location-based tracking and intrusion solutions, Tyco Security Products employs over 2,800 employees globally, including research and development, marketing, manufacturing, sales, service and logistics teams in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific. Our products, built by developers from all product disciplines, consistently allow customers to see more do more, and save more across multiple industries and segments including healthcare, government, transportation, finance, retail, commercial and residential.

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