Case Study

One and Nineteen Avondale

Seeking efficiency, One and Nineteen Avondale brought in a system integrator to bring high technology security to a complex dedicated to green building design. They chose Kantech EntraPass access control software and door readers.

Here's a twist, a building owner wanted an electronic access control system but one that uses energy more efficiently.

That was the unique RFP at a new Toronto condominium complex, One and Nineteen Avondale, which provides residents the latest upscale amenities. It's one of the first complexes in that city to not just conserve energy but actually generate it through renewable sources. The residence incorporates many innovative design elements, from green building design to high-tech security.

The Challenge

The condominium developer hired system integrator Baghai Digital to select and deploy an access control system that would offer tight security controls, allow for future scalability and would use electricity most efficiently. Additionally, the developer wanted a versatile system that would allow them to assign different levels of access throughout the building.

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Case Summary

  • Location:
  • Toronto, Canada
  • System Installed:
  • Kantech
  • EntraPass

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